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Fisheries Management Plan – Golden Redfish - 1.4.2014

The management of fisheries in Iceland is the responsibility of the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture. The management is based on law. Regulations are issued annually and they can be different between years.

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Golden Redfish fisheries managed with catch rules - 25.3.2014

The government has approved the proposal submitted by the Minister of Industries and Innovation to the effect that Golden Redfish fisheries within Icelandic territorial waters should henceforth be managed by means of catch rules effective for five years and that such rules are to be reviewed in the fifth year. This decision is in accordance with government policies on responsible fisheries management focusing on sustainability and economic use. The catch rules are based on ensuring good Redfish catches in the long-term by annually harvesting a moderate proportion of the stock according to stock assessments and the recommendations of scientists in the field. Read more