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Continued impasse on Mackerel - 23.10.2014

Annual consultations between the Coastal States on the management of the mackerel stock in the North-East Atlantic were held in London on 21-23 October 2014. The scientific advice from ICES on total allowable catch for 2015 was presented and reflected a strong status of the stock. Scientific research also demonstrates continued massive presence of the stock in Icelandic waters. Regrettably, however, parties failed to reach an agreement on a comprehensive management of the stock as one coastal state was not in position to agree on a share for Iceland which other parties had consented to.

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Positive results from the co-ordinated Nordic Mackerel Survey - 28.8.2014

The marine research institutes of the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Norway have issued a report on the annual co-ordinated mackerel trawl survey in the Nordic Seas which was conducted in July and August as in previous years.

The total estimate of mackerel biomass is around 9 million tonnes which is similar, while slightly more than in 2013. The distribution, however, is somewhat different as the north- and westward migration is markedly greater than has been measured before. 
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